Real Estate Transactional, Litigation, and Brokerage Practice

The Team at David E Ghannam, P.C. has enormous depth of experience, and, as a result, develops sophisticated solutions to client issues. We handle large portfolios containing both complex and simple leases with equal efficiency, as well as all product types, including office, industrial, flex, retail and mixed-use. We represent both landlords and tenants, and have been involved in leasing real estate throughout the U.S., ranging from small retail and office tenants to large space consolidations to complex tenant equity participations.

With a business finance college degree and law degree background, David E Ghannam brings a pragmatic business perspective to the lease negotiation process. We fully understand the lender's role in the lease approval process and the competing interests of landlords, tenants and lenders in leasing transactions. We pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate tri-party deals between these interested parties.

Landlord Representation

We provide full-service leasing representation to various types of owners and agents broker/managers, private owners and overseas investors for entire office, multiuse, and retail complexes. In addition to the negotiation of individual leases, we help coordinate the leasing objectives with your overall design, development, and management plans for the building, including the negotiation of commission, listing agreements and management agreements, work letters and development agreements, construction and architect contracts and other agreements with lenders, ground lessors, and other landlords concerning collateral leasing concerns.

Tenant Representation

We represent professionals and business firms, private and public corporations and other businesses in leases of all sizes. We have represented tenants in single transactions as well as portfolio-wide representation. Representing individuals starting their own business is still as satisfying as representing the larger, more complex companies.

Comprehensive Services

We are able to respond to your project with a solid foundation of knowledge based on work undertaken for owners, developers, brokers, investors, lenders, managers and tenants, including projects in the following areas: acquisitions/sales, anchor leasing, big box leasing, built-to-suit transactions, design/build, development , ground leases, in-line leasing, joint venture agreements, along with Eminent Domain and condemnation cases.

Real Estate Brokerage Services

With a real estate broker license in Michigan, we can represent you on the buying side or selling side of any residential or commercial property project. Also, we can represent you as landlord or tenant, and charge you a percentage commission. You get the benefit of a experienced real estate lawyer performing your most important real estate transactions.

Real and Personal Property Tax Appeals

When your real property tax assessment is received in the winter time in Michigan , its time to appeal, especially in these difficult economic times. David Ghannam has been appointed to the Board of Review as an alternate to hear these appeals in the City of Novi , and has been handling these appeals for clients for commercial, industrial and residential properties, along with Personal Property tax assessments. Success on tax appeals not only means relief for the present year, but in years to come. Consult with us today on your real or personal property tax assessment because there are strict timelines for filing such appeals.



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